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Agent Chase
Agent Chase
Theme: Agents
Release year: 2008
Similar: Dash Justice
Appearances: 8631 Mission 1: Jetpack Pursuit
8633 Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue
8634 Mission 5: Turbocar Chase
8635 Mission 6: Mobile Command Center
8636 Mission 7: Deep Sea Quest
8637 Mission 8: Volcano Base
8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit
8970 Robo Attack
8971 Aerial Defense Unit
4850307 LEGO Battles

Agent Chase is the leader of the LEGO Agents. He has black hair and sun glasses, but is some times seen without them. He has several varations; a single-sided face whitch has only the face without glasses, a two-sided face with glasses on/off, a version with body armor, and a version with a helmet. He is the most common agent as he appears more than the other agents and in nearly all the Agents and Agents 2.0 sets.



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