Timespan: 2008-2009

Subthemes: Agents 2.0

Agents is a LEGO theme that ran from 2008-2009 that takes place around the world with the Agents trying to stop Dr. Inferno from taking over the earth. There was never a real storyline, which makes you imagine a story. 2008 sets were all given mission numbers, while 2009 sets had pictures instead. All sets had a 3 panel comic included. 2008 sets allowed you to get an Agents I.D. card. Also, 2009 sets were called Agents 2.0 and took place in LEGO City. The minifigures are either Agents or Dr.Inferno and his henchmen (and three tourists in set #8970 Robo Attack). This theme is based off of Alpha Team.


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