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250px-Alfred the Butler2
Theme: Batman (Theme)
Release year: 2006
Similar: Bruce Wayne
Alfred is Bruce Wayne/Batman's butler.

LEGO Batman: The Videogame DescriptionEdit

Alfred's full name is Alfred Pennyworth. His occupation is the Valet and Alfred's base of operations is Gotham City. He also features blue eyes and black hair (Thinning).

Alfred Pennyworth works for the billionaire Bruce Wayne and the most trusted ally of Wayne's alter ego, Batman. Alfred virtually raised the orphaned Bruce after the brutal murders of his parents and, though not related by blood, Alfred and Bruce Wayne are as much a family as any two people can be.


  • Former espionage agent, trained in intelligence and espionage
  • Trained in the martial arts
  • Expert rating with most weapons
  • Skilled actor
  • Training in emergency medical techniques
  • Computer proficient
  • Familiarity with mechanical systems
  • Expert in domestic sciences

Powers and Abilities: In LEGO Batman: The videogame, Alfred is a playable character in freeplay mode. He’s as handy with his teacups and tea-tray as is with his fists!


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