Alpha Team
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Timespan: 2001-2005


The members of Alpha Team fight Ogel, who is trying to take over the world (or freeze time in the Arctic part of the series).


Alpha Team began in 2001 with Ogel trying to turn everyone on Earth into Skeleton Drones using Mind Control Orbs. In 2002, Ogel retreated underwater and started mutating an army of sea-creatures using a Mind Control Orb 2.0. This year was known as Mission: Deep Sea. The entire theme paused in 2003. The, in 2004, the theme started again with Mission: Deep Freeze. Now Ogel was trying to freeze time itself using Ice Orbs. The story ended with a cliffhanger: With time frozen and Ogel and Zed facing off, who would win?

Team MembersEdit

Ogel's ArmyEdit


  • Ogel's name backwards is Lego.
  • The 2004 commercial shows a desert being frozen, with Ogel's base in the middle of it, even though his base was in Antarctica.
  • "Mission: Deep Freeze" was a name created by fans, not the LEGO group.

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