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Atlantis is a LEGO theme that came out in the beginning of 2010. Its setting is underwater, with a group of six divers trying to discover the lost city of Atlantis.




6 divers go into the ocean to find Atlantis. All they have to guide them is a rare Atlantean relic. The only way they can find Atlantis is to gather the 5 Atlantis keys. They get the Atlantis Keys by defeating an Atlantis Guardians, which are gigantic sea creatures, usually found in sets. Most of the Atlantis Guardians are usually backed up with Atlantis Warriors, which are more minifigure-scale warriors. So the six divers step into not only a search, but a fight. In the end, they beat the guardians, get the 5 keys, and use the Portal of Atlantis to travel there.


  • The Portal of Atlantis was first seen on Cartoon Network in January, 2010, even though it would not be released as a set for another 6 months.

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