LEGO > System > Prince of Persia > Dastan
Theme: Prince of Persia
Release year: 2010
Similar: Indiana Jones
Appearances: 7569 Desert Attack

7570 The Ostrich Race

7571 The Fight for the Dagger

7572 Quest Against Time

7573 Battle of Alamut

852939 Dastan Key Chain

852942 Prince of Persia Magnet Set

20017 Dagger Trap

Dastan is the main character of the Prince of Persia theme. DescriptionEdit

Once an orphaned street urchin in the dangerous alleys of Nasaf, the young Dastan was discovered by King Sharaman and adopted into his royal family. With an incredible ability to leap, climb and even run on walls, this brave Prince of Persia uses his acrobatic and fighting skills to battle for both his homeland and his honor! He is the son of the Sheik Amar.


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