LEGO > System > Star Wars > Dengar
Theme: Star Wars
Release year: 2006
Similar: Indiana Jones (desert)
Appearances: 6209 Slave I

Dengar is a Bounty Hunter from the LEGO Star Wars theme. He was sent out on a mission to hunt down Han Solo who succesfully escaped from him. Dengar wears a white ninja helmet.


Dengar was once a headstrong racer. One day he raced Han Solo and crashed, nearly killing himself. The Empire saved him, but destroyed all of his emotions other than hate, anger, and hope. Dengar is a Bounty Hunter assigned to kill Han Solo because of the nuisance that he had been to the Empire. Dengar failed in this, but he met with a female being who was of a race with rings of an advanced technology which let him see what she was thinking and seeing. after the female saving his life and them saving boba fett, they got married with fett as the best man.


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