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Robot Devastator4
Theme: Exo-Force
Release year: 2006
Similar: Iron Drone
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This is a Robot Devastator from Exo-Force. They pilot battle machines and are more intelligent than Iron Drones. They come in 4 colors: Red, Silver, Blue, and Green. DescriptionEdit

CHARACTERISTICS The Devastator sacrifices only a little in armor and strength to be a far more intelligent and agile model than the Iron Drone. Where the Iron Drone’s one tactic is “charge straight ahead and break things,” the Devastator is capable of advanced strategies, ambushes, etc. They are the elite troops of the robot rebellion and the most feared by the humans.

PERSONALITY Sly, cunning, and cruel. Devastators have been known to go out of their way to cause damage to civilian dwellings, or to pursue wounded battle machines long distances just to finish them off. They are justifiably feared by the humans, almost all of whom can share a tale of some heinous act they have seen the robots commit


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