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Dr. D. Zaster
Dr. D. Zaster
Theme: Agents
Release year: 2009
Similar: Dr. Inferno

Slime Face

Appearances: 8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit

Dr. D. Zaster is one of Dr. Inferno's henchmen. His body and hair are identical to Dr. Inferno and the only difference is the goop and green hair. Also, in the Robot Chronicles game, when you complete Fall of the Robot, after the robot (with Dr. Inferno inside) falls into the pit, the cockpit rises out and instead of Dr. Inferno being inside you see Dr. D. Zaster. Another connection, in The Robot Chronicles, when the picture of Dr. Inferno is showing on the screen of the blimp, the image momentarily changes to Dr. D. Zaster. The LEGO Company has reported that he is not in fact Dr. Inferno.


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