It was one of the old Castle subthemes. It was started in 1993 and it lasted till 1995.


Different from most other Castle factions, Dragon Masters has mostly wizards and dragons. An eerie level of fantasy first mades its presence known in Medieval Times, for the Dragon Masters army was led by a wizard named Majisto, noteworthy for his tall pointed hat, his glow in the dark magic wand, and his long white beard, all new elements this year. He was also the first Castle minifigure to have a name. He commanded a small regiment of knights and guards, which had a green dragon on an oval shield, almost like the Black Knights crest. More importantly, Majisto owned and commanded fire breathing dragons! These giant green flying reptiles featured a articulation jaw, both shoulders, both wings, and the tail. Also they had studs on their back to carry minifigs.

Castles and EquipmentEdit

With only one castle, Dragon Masters was not one of the larger Castle factions, but their complement was several carts, siege engines and smaller buildings made it one of the more interesting medium sized themes. 6048 Majisto's Magical Workshop was the only house released in Castle during the 1990s.


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