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Duke (8960)
Theme: Power Miners
Release year: 2009
Similar: Doc
Appearances: 8708 Cave Crusher
8709 Underground Mining Station
8191 Lavatraz
8956 Stone Chopper
8598 Granite Grinder
8960 Thunder Driller
8962 Crystal King
8964 Titanium Command Rig
8907 Rock Hacker

Duke is a veteran miner in Power Miners theme. He has never seen anything like the Rock Monsters before. He is seen in multiply sets, and is the most common of the miners to appear in sets. He also appears as a Lava Suit Miner in 2010. DescriptionEdit

A veteran miner, Duke has dug for gold, diamonds, and everything else of value around the globe. He's survived cave-ins, floods, and every other danger of a mine. But he's never seen anything like the rock monsters and the crystals, and sometimes he's not sure he believes in them!



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