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Exo-Force is a series of LEGO sets that feature mechs and characters inspired by Japanese manga and anime stories that ran from 2006-2008. In 2006, the story is based around Sentai Mountain and how the robots try to attack the human's base (Sentai Fortress). In 2007, the humans retreated to the legendary Golden City, where they got new technology. 2008 ended the theme with a cliffhanger: Sensei got captured by Meca One and was taken to the forest. Will Exo-Force be able to rescue him? All the human minifigures have reversable heads.



Robots Edit


  • In an interveiw with the creater, Greg Farshtey revealed the 2008 storyline was going to focus on Sensei Keiken's childhood and how he built the first robot.
Ha-Ya-To | Hikaru | Hitomi | Ryo | Sensei Keiken | Takeshi
Devastator | Iron Drone | Meca One

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