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Theme: Space Police III
Release year: 2009
Similar: General Grievous
Frenzy is a LEGO Space Police III minifigure. This minifigure is different then all of the other aliens in LEGO Space Police III because of his four arms. He has a normal body but has a head that allows him to add 2 arms to his structure. DescriptionEdit

The four-armed space fink called Frenzy is tough, strong, and always looking for his next meal. Unfortunately For the law-abiding citizens of the galaxy, this space mantis-lizard will chew up anything, from asteroids to satellites, that he can get his toothy green jaws around. Hide your valuables when he's around because he won't just steal them-he'll eat them, too!

Vehicle of ChoiceEdit

  • Hyper-Hopper


  • Lasering and Entering
  • Unlawful Meteor-Munching
  • Impersonating a Venusian


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