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Han Solo (Carbonite)
Han Solo Carbonite
Theme: Star Wars
Release year:
Similar: Han Solo
Appearances: 4476 Jabba's Prize
6209 Slave I
7144 Slave I
8097 Slave I
10123 Cloud City

Han Solo (Carbonite) is Han Solo when he was frozen in carbonite. He is only in 5 sets. He is made on a tall, 1 by 2 brick, with a Han Solo image painted on. There is a special device in the Cloud City set which "transforms" him into Han Solo and vice-versa.


Han Solo was a smuggler from Star Wars. He got into debt with Jabba the Hut, who, when he could not pay off the debt, had Boba Fett freeze him in carbonite. Thus he was delivered to Jabba's palace, until Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca rescued him. Once unfrozen he got Carbonite sickness for a while, which prevented him from seeing.

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