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Theme: Exo-Force
Release year: 2006
Similar: Takeshi
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Hikaru is a member of Exo-Force. He is also the second in command. DescriptionEdit

PERSONALITY Very cool and collected. He is the type who is often underestimated – the guy who lags behind early in the race and then comes out of nowhere to win. Although very independent, with a preference for solo missions, he has become more of a team player over the last year. He is a natural tactician and commander, though he can seem cold or overly logical at times. Hikaru is an incredible marksman and highly skilled at aerial combat.

BACKGROUND Hikaru worked on a robot “ranch” where transport machines were sent for fine-tuning. Specifically, he was a “robot buster” – it was his job to ride untested machines, figure out what if anything was wrong or dangerous about them, and report to the techs who would fix the problems. It was risky work, the type not many people could do. He was good at it, but he never bragged or expected a lot of applause for what he did. It was his job.

When the first robot rebellion took place, Hikaru saw there was a need for someone with his kind of skills and felt the whole situation might be more explosive than anyone expected. He left his job and signed on with the newly formed EXO-FORCE. Given his temperament and skills, he was assigned to the Stealth Hunter.

At one point, he went on a daring solo mission to the robot side of the mountain to save Takeshi’s family. As a reward, Sensei Keiken presented him with the Silent Strike battle machine which he piloted during the final battle with the Striking Venom.

After that battle was over, Hikaru was sent with Takeshi and Ryo to find the legendary golden city. The adventure resulted in severe damage being done to the Silent Strike. But Hikaru discovered a new, and better, battle machine in the golden city – the Sky Guardian.

Over the months that followed, Hikaru took part in numerous skirmishes over codes against robot forces, usually partnered with Takeshi and often Ryo. He fought bravely to defend the Golden City and was instrumental in repelling the Mobile Devastator’s attack.

QUOTE “You all heard Sensei Keiken. We can’t let Meca One succeed! We’ve got to complete our mission, no matter what.”



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