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Theme: Space Police III
Release year: 2009
Similar: Rench
Kranxx is a squid-like alien from the Space Police III theme. He is a member of the Black Hole Gang. His pants are the same style as most of the rest of the Black Hole Gang from 2009. He appeared in Lego Battles as Plisken. He is cousins with Rench, but has an orange head. DescriptionEdit

The leader of the Space Bikers gang, Kranxx is scruffy, stinky, and known all across the galaxy for his lousy table manners. He doesn't break the law for space bucks or fame...he just likes to cause trouble and make a mess however, whenever, and wherever he can. Keep your distance when chasing him-his greatest weapon may be his bad breath!

Vehicle of ChoiceEdit

  • Hotrod Hover-Cycle


  • Grand Theft Spaceship
  • Intergalactic Gambling
  • Illegal Robot Rustling
    Kranxx mugshot

    a mugshot of kranxx

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