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Lava Suit Miner
Theme: Power Miners
Release year: 2010
Similar: Rex
The Lava Suit Miners are Power Miners from the 2010 storyline.

In 2010, the Power Miners armor had to be upgraded to withstand the extreme temperatures in within the earth. The armor is likely to be resilient to heat since they will be going against Lava Monsters and go far deeper underground. Some of them wear Lava Armor. They have faces of all the 2009 miners and engineers. DescriptionEdit

Traveling deeper beneath the surface towards the center of the planet, the Power Miners have discovered vast caverns filled with molten magma - and red-hot, rampaging lava monsters. To accomplish their mission in this hostile new environment, they have developed special 'lava-proof' suits made of a durable, flexible metal polymer stretched over a system of hi-tech armor plates and built-in cooling systems!



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