Lord Garmadon
Theme: Ninjago
Release year: 2011
Similar: Makuta
Appearances: 2256 Lord Garmadon
2505 Garmadon's Fortress
2506 Skull Truck
Lord Garmadon is a character from the Ninjago theme. He is the main villain of the theme. He has a brother named Sensei Wu and his father was the first ninja in the land of Ninjago, according to Sensei Wu. His son, named Lloyd Garmadon is the legendary green ninja, who is destined to defeat the drak lord, Garmadon. Sensei Wu also states that he was consumed by evil and was defeated in an epic fight between him and his brother, Sensei Wu. Thereby, banishing him into the underworld. Only by joining the Four Golden Weapons to make a portal to not only get him out of the underworld, but he will have the ability to change the world into his own image. In the land of Ninjago, he may not exist in the present world as a person, but as a shadow, however, he can still do harm to people, like he did to Kai. He also give commands to his army in his shadow form. Although he wields the Four Elements, his elemental levels aren't balanced like Sensei Wu's elemental levels. Lord Garmadon has left the skeleton army to lead the Serpentine, filling Pythor's place.

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