When Minifigure Wiki is vandalised, it is necessary to give them warnings, or possibly block them.

Types of Vandalism:

  • Spam
    • When a user is adding random and unnecesary/unrelated content
  • Removal
    • When a user removes good content for no reason
  • Swearing on a page
    • When a user swears on a page
    • When a user swears in the Minifigure Wiki IRC channel
  • Adding Opinion
    • As this is a wiki, pages should not have opinions

Other bad activities:

  • Swearing
    • Something to be avoided, words like Heck and Hell are not considered swearing
  • Adding bad pictures
    • Images such as porn and horror images are not allowed
  • Inappropriate Username
    • Your username should not contain words like poop or pee, or swear words.
  • Sockpuppet
    • Don't have more than 1 account here.


Offense Warning? Second Warning? 3rd Warning? 1st Block 2nd Block Final Block*
Spam Yes Yes No 5 days 2 weeks 1 year
Removal Yes Yes No 3 days 1 week 1 year
Swearing Yes Yes Yes 1 day 5 days 3 months
Adding Opinions Yes Yes Yes 1 hour 3 days 1 week
Adding Bad Pictures Yes No No 1 week 2 months Permanently
Inappropriate Username No No No Forever
Sockpuppet No No No Forever only your sockpuppet would be blocked

*After this block, more offenses result in a block with +2 months per