• Images go at the top of the article or in the infobox. Images can often be obtained from Brickipedia,,, or
  • Extra images should go in a gallery section below the main text


  • Forums such as Eurobricks can be accurate sources but you should check your facts first.
  • Brickipedia often has information on minifigures, but do not directly copy their articles, because that is plagiarizing.

Article Sections

  • Each article should start with a basic description, the beginning being '''<insert article name here'''. That section should not have a header
  • Below it should be a description header, detailing it's different aspects
  • Next would be a background section, describing it's story and importance
  • After that, a gallery for extra images can be placed using the gallery button.
  • The last section should be the sources (Brickipedia is a good source. Other sources include MLNWiki (when the minifigure is in My LEGO Network), Wookieepedia or similar types of wikis when the minifigure is from a licensed theme, and Eurobricks Forums.
  • If there is a navigation template for the theme, please place it on the article


  • The templates: Template:Minifigure Header and Template:Minifig should be added to articles, above the other content. Please do not remove lines from the template, even if there would be nothing on the line. Fill out the sections as best you can.


  • Categories on an article should be it's theme, subtheme if there is one, special minifig if it's not a standard minifigure, and similar categories. Please do not create a new category without asking first.

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