These are the main rules of the wiki. Please do not modify them without BobaFett2's permission.


  • Use Template:Warn to warn users when they commit an offense. Please note, however, that if their unproductive edit was unintentional, do remove the warning. Also, don't go on and on about how bad their edit was, or try to annoy them further.


  • Not accepting FANoms until content is improved
  • Not accepting Admin Nominations until content is improved
  • Not accepting B'crat Nominations
  • We are currently accepting Rollback nominations

When nominating people, please revise their edits and make sure that they are of a quality befitting the rules. Use a similar reservation when nominating an article for featured.

Improving ArticlesEdit

  • Please do not link to non-LEGO websites
  • Include a link to Brickipedia in articles
  • Add the infoboxes to articles please.