• Do not swear
    • Swearing is not words like heck, hell, or crap-however, you are advised not to say them
    • Words involving sex and drugs(highlight) are not premitted
    • If you swear, you will be kicked-Excessive swearing will get you banned
  • Have fun-but be polite
    • You should be able to have fun without demeaning others
  • If you have a problem
    • If people are swearing, please stay civil and request that they get kicked
    • if there is a channel troll don't feed him.Only ignore him.
    • If there is a user who flames or insult all.Call a op.If there isn't a op then leave the channel and contact BobaFett2 on his talk.
  • Other
    • If you want to be an operator, ask BobaFett2
    • If you know cool commands or how to operate a bot, please tell BobaFett2


BobaFett Talk UFO Theme Now a Bureaucrat 22:33, February 1, 2010 (UTC)