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Theme: Alpha Team
Release year: 2001
Similar: Dr. Inferno
Appearances: 4748 Ogel's Mountain Fortress
4796 Ogel Mutant Squid
4975 Ogel Underwater Base and Alpha Team Sub
6771 Ogel Command Striker
6776 Ogel Control Center

Ogel is the nemesis of the Alpha Team and the rest of the world. His first appearance was on land trying to take over people's minds using evil orbs to turn people into Skeleton Drones. He lost his hand in this mission, and replaced it with a red hook. His second appearance was underwater, where he was mutating sea life into monsters to take over the world. His third appearance involved him trying to freeze time. He got a blue hook for this mission. That was the last mission (at least so far) that Ogel has been involved in.


  • Ogel is a direct descendant of Vladek from Knights' Kingdom II.
  • Ogel has worked with Dr. Inferno and Dr. D. Zaster in the past to attempt to take over the world. They are all still good friends.
  • Ogel's name spelled backwards is LEGO, representing the opposite of LEGO's fun and imaginative meaning.
  • Ogel is said to have unlimited wealth, as seen in an Alpha Team comic, which could explain how he made hundreds of drones.




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