Power Miners
Timespan: 2009-2010

Subthemes: None

Power Miners is a theme that takes place inside the earth with miners trying to stop rock monsters from destroying our world all together. In 2009, the Power Miners try to stop Rock Monsters from eating crystals that cause earthquakes on the surface world. In late 2009, the Crystal King was defeated, and the Power Miners discovered a new cavern filled with a species called Lava Monsters, who are the real cause of the earthquakes. The minifigures are all either Power Miners, Lava Monsters or Rock Monsters. The theme is similar to Rock Raiders.

2009 MinifiguresEdit

Power MinersEdit

Rock Monsters Edit

Throwing Rock Monsters Edit

Other Edit

2010 MinifiguresEdit

Power MinersEdit

Lava MonstersEdit

Throwing Lava MonstersEdit

See AlsoEdit

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