Prof hale
Professor Archibald Hale is a character from the Pharaoh's Quest theme. He is the leader of the explorers. DescriptionEdit

The scholarly Professor Archibald Q. Hale has spent most of his life teaching university classes and studying dusty old scrolls and artifacts at one of England’s most prestigious museums. That’s what led him to discover the legend of Amset-Ra and set him on the quest to find the six lost treasures. Although he’s an expert on Egyptian archaeology and mythology, Professor Hale has never actually been on an expedition before, and so far he’s finding that it’s not really living up to his expectations. Sure, he’s getting to travel and see exotic places, but nobody warned him about beetles in his sleeping bag and sand in his underwear! Despite all the discomfort and danger, he fully believes in the prophecy and is determined to keep the evil Pharaoh from escaping his hidden tomb and conquering the world!

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