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Release year: 2006
Similar: Hitomi
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Ryo is a member of the Exo-Force team. He is a mechanic and creates his own battle vehicles. DescriptionEdit


Talks fast, moves fast, does everything on the run. Extremely resourceful. The stereotypical “little dynamo” who enemies tend to underestimate to their later regret. A techie who never uses one word when he can use six. A little eccentric, with a strange but harmless tendency to treat his battle machine as if it were a real person. Incredibly gifted at engineering and repair work, with a real flair for technological improvisation in a crisis.


Ryo was employed in one of the many factories on the northern peak. He was a whiz with any kind of tool or circuit and specialized in repairs on the run. He was part of the design team that created many of the battle machines used by EXO-FORCE.

When the robots first attacked, Ryo desperately wanted to help fight. But others felt his contribution in the factory was too important to let him risk his life like that. In response, Ryo designed Uplink, a special battle machine with amazing fire power (considering its size). He convinced the leaders of EXO-FORCE that having him in the field ready to repair damaged battle machines at a moment’s notice would help keep the team running efficiently.

Over the past year, Ryo’s responsibilities have increased. He became the primary pilot of the Mobile Defense Tank; rescued a trapped miner from the robot side of the mountain; and fought with honor in the final battle against Striking Venom. He was later sent with Hikaru and Takeshi to find the golden city. It was during that adventure that he discovered his new battle machine, the Cyclone Defender.

With the discovery of the city and the massive computer therein, Ryo has become even more important to EXO-FORCE. He deals with the computer on a daily basis and is responsible for entering the codes. His technical expertise and inventions were key to repelling the Mobile Devastator’s assault on the Golden City.


“What’s with this jungle? Where are the keyboards? The consoles? Good thing I brought my toolbox with me, or I wouldn’t have anything to do!”


Hybrid Rescue Tank



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