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Theme: Space Police III
Release year: 2009
Similar: Troll Warrior
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Slizer is a alien that wears a mask from the Space Police III theme. It is the mechanic of the Black Hole Gang. He wears many spikes on his head and torso. DescriptionEdit

The spiky Slizer is a heavy metal hyper-crook and the Space Bikers' chief mechanic. He's the one who keeps their amped-up custom space vehicles in top shape, no matter how many barricades (and other spaceships) they ram. The Space Police would love to catch this guy, because tossing him in a prison pod might just cripple the entire Space-Biker astro-fleet!

Vehicle of ChoiceEdit

  • Stealth Strikecraft


  • Statue-stealing
  • Satellite vandalism
  • Possession of a plasma torpedo


  • He is rare because you can only find him in two sets, and one of them was limited edition.
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