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Theme: Collectable Minifigures
Release year: 2010
Similar: Space Police Commando
Appearances: 8683: LEGO Minifigures DescriptionEdit

“Greetings, strange creatures. I come in peace!”

This brave and intrepid space traveler doesn’t quite realize that he’s not out exploring the cosmos. The Spaceman walks in long, slow bounds across the landscape, somehow ignoring the fact that gravity is perfectly normal for everything else around him. He’s friendly and fearless, always happy to investigate a strange new place or salute a stranger with alien creatures and worlds can lead to a lot of confusion for everyone involved.

The Spaceman carries a sci-fi gizmo for just about any situation, including hi-tech binoculars, a grappling hook, a jetpack and even a tiny, remote-controlled space rover. Just be careful if you startle him into thinking that you’re an attacking hostile alien – his futuristic Electro-Zapp blaster fires a zig-zagging electric beam that can zap the hair right off a minifigure!




CM rating two stars


CM rating two stars


CM rating one star


  • The Spaceman always carries a book of useful alien phrases. You never know when you’ll need to order lunch in Venusian!
  • The Spaceman sleeps in a special bunk bed with magnetic straps to keep him from floating away during the night. He hates that!
  • The Spaceman came here from the future. He travelled back in time thanks to an accident involving a runaway comet and a black hole.

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