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Theme: Space Police III
Release year: 2009
Similar: Squidtron
Squidman is a squid-like alien. He appears in two Space Police III Sets. He has the same head as Squidtron. In Clutch Powers, one of the 3 prison escapees has a similar shaped head, and could be him. He is also not a member of the Black Hole Gang, and runs a pit stop. DesciptionEdit

This gold-crazy mollusk calls himself the King of the Squid-Men, even though no one else in the galaxy has ever seen another alien like him. Squidman is all about get-rich-quick schemes and making a fast buck, no matter what he has to steal or who he has to cheat to do it. Good thing his crooked schemes usually backfire right in his face!

Vehicle of ChoiceEdit

  • His own suction-cup feet.


  • Gold theft
  • Gold forging
  • Gold smuggling


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