aka Jacques Snicket.

  • I live in COOLIFORNIA!
  • My occupation is I'm a person.
  • I am Male. No duh.
  • Coconutrules

    Theme Fails.......

    July 18, 2010 by Coconutrules

    Which theme do you think that will fail? Like for example if it's not selling well, it gets discontinued, which theme do you think will be discontinued first?

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  • Coconutrules

    I am getting obsessed with Space Police 3, I just love the police guys and the alien criminals. I see Space Police 3 isn't too popular, So I'm asking you guys if you like SP3. So, do you like Space Police 3?

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  • Coconutrules

    So who's your favorite inferno henchman? mine is Saw Fist

    Here are the options

    A. Dr. D. Zaster

    B. Dollar Bill

    C. Dyna-Mite

    D. Break Jaw

    E. Claw Dette

    F. Fire-Arm

    G. Gold Tooth

    J. Saw Fist

    K. Magma Commander

    L. Magma Drone

    N. Slime Face

    O. Spy Clops

    P. Inferno Henchman

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  • Coconutrules

    the title says it all! mine would have to be the Jester! What is yours? here are the options for answers

    A. Troll Warrior

    B. Giant Troll

    C. Skeleton

    D. Black Skeleton

    E. The Wizard

    F. The King

    G. Jester

    H. Princess

    I. Queen

    J. Knight

    K. Gold Knight

    L. Dragon

    M. Good Dragon

    N. Troll King

    O. Dwarf King

    P. Dwarf Warrior

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  • Coconutrules

    Favorite Outlaw Alien?

    January 22, 2010 by Coconutrules

    The title says it all. Mine is Kranxx and Snake

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