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Theme: Toy Story
Release year: 2010
Similar: Jessie
Woody is Buzz Lightyear's best friend and the main character in Toy Story. He is Andy's favorite toy, and appears in all 3 subthemes. He has longer arms and legs than a normal minifigure, making him the tallest minifig, and features a non-removable hat attached to his head. DescriptionEdit

Woody (or Cowboy, as he is called by his friends) is the Sheriff of Andy's room. However, his status as Andy's favorite toy has been challenged several times after the arrival of a new and exciting toy: Buzz Lightyear. In times of trouble, Woody proudly reminded Buzz and the others about the fact that he has Andy's name written on the bottom of his boot - a signature like that is more worth than pure gold.

Woody is actually based on the main character from a popular TV show from the 1950's called "Woody's Roundup".


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