Yellow Classic Spaceman
Yellow Classic Spaceman
Theme: Classic Space
Release year: 1979
Similar: Red Classic Spaceman
Appearances: 0014 Space Mini-Figures

0015 Space Mini-Figures

1499 Twin Starfire

1507 Space Value Pack

1510 Unnamed Bonus Pack

1593 Lever Bros Space Set

6701 Space Mini-Figures

6711 LEGO Mini-Figures

6780 Light & Sound XT - Starship

6783 Sonar Transmitting Cruiser

6802 Space Probe

6807 Space Explorator

6823 Surface Transport

6826 Crater Crawler

6847 Space Dozer

6849 Satellite Patroller

6872 Lunar Patrol Craft

6874 Moonrover

6880 Surface Explorer

6892 Modular Space Transport

6926 Mobile Recovery Vehicle

6930 Space Supply Station

6931 FX-Star Patroller

6950 Mobile Rocket Transport

6951 Robot Command Center

6952 Solar Power Transporter

6971 Intergalactic Command Base

6980 Galaxy Commander

6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager

The Yellow Classic Spaceman is a minifigure in the classic space theme. He was one of the first Classic Spacemen introduced.


His space-suit is the same colour as his skin.

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