Zane is a ninja from NINJAGO. He is the Ninja of Ice, and he is very serious. His weapon of choice is the Shuriken of Ice. His hairpiece is blonde. He is also a robot (or "nindroid", as Jay prefers).

His description:

Ninja of Ice Weapon of choice: Shuriken Elemental color: White Strength: Stealth

Zane was cool, but now he's even cooler. He tamed the chilling Ice Dragon, unlocked the power of Spinjitzu, and even found a slick, Spinjitzu Dragon Suit.

Now Zane and his dragon are ready and will crush the Skullkins like an avalanche. He knows the Skullkins will fall to his ice attack, because he's seen the future…and he know he's already won.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.20.24 PM


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